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Charter Auctions conducts industrial appraisals for the valuation of mobile plant assets across the UK. Our clients usually come from the following areas:

  • Financial institutions

  • Insolvency administrators

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Leasing companies

  • Consulting and investment firms

Using the know-how of our project specialists combined with our experience gathered from our collections of auctions and direct sales, we are able to assess the relative current value of different Manufacturing and Print related goods based on liquidation and continuity values. In the case of our liquidation valuations, we conduct the sale of the capital goods within a timeframe of 2-4 months.

We always take careful account of the current national and international situations in the different market sectors. In our experience, this approach allows precise and meaningful determination of current values for investment goods.

Valuation Form

Complete a valuation enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

Send us information, photos and any details of the assets you would like to be valued.
The more information you can send the better the valuation will be.

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We can supply recommendations and preparation details to ensure a smooth and efficient inventory. We cater to your individual needs and requirements.

Inventory Service

Recording of all assets at the location, digitizing and examination of all relevant documents for the respective property.

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Charter Inventory Services can provide you with a listing of your fixed assets.

  • Furnishings
  • Computer Equipment
  • Testing Equipment
  • Tooling
  • Accessories
  • Machinery


Valuation Service

Determination of the recoverable current values, as well circulating capital (if required), combined with a general plausibility check and market research.

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An updated record of your assets is essential in every business.

  • Financial Reconciliation
  • Purchases
  • Merger
  • Obsolescence
  • Theft
  • Natural Disaster
  • Fire
  • Relocation Verification

Finalisation Service

Detailed description of individual objects, photo documentation of the most valuable assets and precise assignment of third-party rights.

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We can perform your asset inventory using various methods depending on your specific requirements.

  • Record Company Asset Information
  • Design and Print Bar Code Labels
  • Label Assets with Bar Code
  • Create a Customized Database
  • Update and Label Assets as Purchased
  • Verify and Reconcile Periodically
  • Video Recording or Digital Photographing




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