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Commercial Clearance & Restoration Services

Industrial Interior & exterior building Restoration, Cleaning & Commercial Clearance Services

Commercial Clearances for Administrators & Landlords

Charter Auctions offers a national, convenient and compliant service for site or factory clearances. If you require your factory or site to be completely cleared and decommissioned with items recycled wherever possible, we can help.

At Charter we fully recognise the need to clear manufacturering-based business units, often under pressure of deadlines and financial restraint.

As part of our site or factory clearance service we provide:

  • General stripping of building interiors necessary.
  • Removal, dismantling and recycling of obsolete plant and machinery
  • Scrap metal removal and waste management.
  • Scrap machinery recycling
  • Machinery/Tools necessary.
  • Removal of plant/Machinery.
  • Guidance and expertise on planning your project
  • Total site clearance including all waste and materials
  • Lifting, transportation and handling of heavy equipment.
  • Crane hire and contract lifts.
  • Processing and recycling equipment
  • All necessary labour
  • Specialist cutting equipment.
  • Skips, containers and transport
  • Removal of electronic and electrical materials, reuse and recycling
  • Removal of racking/storage facilities.
  • Extensive H&S report, action plan & Traffic Management plan.
  • Decommissioning & Isolation of services, Machinery and storage.
  • Generator, Transformer, Heating/Ventilation removal & Dismantling.
  • Extensive H&S report, action plan & Traffic Management plans.

Building Restoration Including Pits, Security & Safety

Once Building have had all the content removed, we can offer solutions that will bring the building back to be fit for repurposing.
From Filling Pits to complete Floor Resurfacing.


Restoration Cleaning and Brick Cleaning

Specialising in external cleaning and repairs. With our specialist equipment, we have utilised many methods of cleaning to remove moss, carbon, paint and other substances from brick and stone.


Interior and Exterior Building Cleaning Services

The ability to clean at both high and low level across the full spectrum of site facilities.
Our Special Access Team has serviced all types of structure and has the skill and experience to take care of all those ‘impossible’ or ‘dangerous to reach’ areas professionally and safely


Professional Trained Licensed Staff

All our staff are IPAF licensed, fully trained in the correct use and application of PPE, PPC and follow safe systems of work at all times.

Additional Services available

  • Plant and Machinery Cleaning
  • Plant and Machinery Painting
  • Forestry control
  • Electrical service
  • Plumbing
  • Facilitate compressed air requirements

We have successfully completed both low and high level cleans of factories, warehouses, storage facilities and silos, glass roofs, atria, building exteriors.

Filling Pits after machinery removal.
Brickwork repair/rebuild after removal of Ventilation systems.
Removal of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems.
Removal of Electrical Cabling and Compressed Air Systems

Thanks to our mobile pressure washers being self-contained units that carry 1000 litres of water, we can carry out cleaning services in any number of inaccessible areas. Additionally, with silencing and lighting features contained within these units, they can easily be used late at night or early in the morning while providing no disturbance neighbouring buildings.



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