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"Do you have Single Items for sale or are looking to retire and sell off the complete Plants from the Manufacturing & Print Industries. Then we can help."

We provide a free and professional advice on whatever you may be considering selling at auction. Site visits and valuations can be arranged by making an appointment through the office. We are always available via email or telephone for further advice and guidance regarding all aspects of selling at auction.

Target Marketing involves breaking a market into segments and then concentrating our marketing efforts on one or a few key segments consisting of the customers whose needs and desires most closely match your product.

By aiming our marketing efforts at specific groups of buyers, It provides a focus to all of our marketing activities.

We can target the right businesses throughout the world, through the traditional Methods of magazine adverts in the leading publications. Manufacturing and Print Industries email databases with over 100,000 businesses from all around the world. Supported by the forever changing world of Social Media, including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest & Google+.

Charter Auctions offers a national, convenient and compliant service for site or factory clearances. If you require your factory or site to be completely cleared and decommissioned with items recycled wherever possible, we can help.

At Charter we fully recognise the need to clear manufacturering-based business units, often under pressure of deadlines and financial restraint.

Please see our Commercial Clearance and Restoration Services page for full details.

Depending on the nature of your item(s), you can set a reserve price on the entry form providing your reserve is realistic in consideration of the market value. A reserve price tells us the minimum value you’d like the item to sell for and our auctioneer will only provisionally accept a bid below this if it’s in close proximity, which you can choose to accept or not. If you’re unsure what your item(s) might be worth an auction representative will advise you.

Full and accurate descriptions of the lots, Quality photos and videos supplied. Site visits can be arranged and full lotting up services provided. Please contact our office to discuss options.

Vendors may not bid on for any Lot or Lots they have entered for Auction. If so this will result in the Vendors being charged all Commission lost on the sale/invoice amount.

Once lots are entered and into an auction, Advertising would be provided in Trade Magazines and Email campaigns. At which point any lot withdrawn would incur a fee set at the Buyers premium + Vat, based on reserve price.

Being honest when describing your machinery will help you get a fair price and make sure buyers don’t encounter any unexpected issues after the sale. Please be completely honest and accurate when entering your item(s) for auction. Remember, the way you describe your machinery may influence the amount bidders are prepared to bid.

[icon-box title=”Online Timed Auction” desc=”Timed online event auctions normally last between two to four weeks. With photographs and videos appearing online with bidding opening as soon as the auction is uploaded to the site. Bids can be placed at any time through the Charter Auction interface. There are two ways to bid on an auction item, either by bidding Incremental or by using the autobid system. Lots in event auctions may also be available to purchased before the end date through the make offer function. ” icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”1278″ size=”70″][icon-box title=”Charter Auctions Marketplace” desc=”Is an online sale facility made up of items each with their own individual closing time. Lots uploaded on Charter Auctions Marketplace are from multiple sellers from Both the Manufacturing and Print Industries. Use the advanced search to make finding the item you are looking for as easy as possible. The Buy Now service is where items can be purchased for a fixed price immediately.” icon_type=”custom” icon_img=”2658″ size=”70″]

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