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Machinery & Industrial Storage

With various sites around the UK, we can arrange a complete machinery delivery and storage package. We have the capability to arrange collection, transport and manoeuvre your heavy machinery and associated equipment. With various UK sites, it means that the transportation costs will be kept to a minimum and ensures we can meet the storage demands of customers throughout the country. Your items will be logged into the warehouses, before being entered into to the secure storage area. All of the sites are equipped with intruder alarms and CCTV.

Bonded Storage

Please enquire with us if you need to use premises are HMRC approved as a customs bonded warehouse facility. By providing this service our customers can defer payment of import duty and VAT on their machinery and equipment. There are many companies that do not sell their stock machines within several weeks of obtaining them. This means they will have paid the import duty and VAT up front on all their items. If they had used our bonded warehousing facility they could have avoided paying this for a considerably longer period of time.

Short & Long Term Solutions

With warehouse sites based around the UK, Charter can offer Storage Solutions perfectly placed to service the needs of clients requiring both short and long term warehouse storage. Rates can start from just £0.10 per square foot per week. We are able to provide insurance for the transport of equipment into stores, the offloading and handling and then insurance to store goods whilst in our facility.

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